Monday, November 28

of my own composition

©opyright 2005
Permission given by Lisa Aston

Friday, November 25

eating my emotions

I haven't been hungry for the past week. In fact, most times I feel overfed, like I've tried to cram something more into my already impossibly full body. And with Thanksgiving having been this week, it was horrible- trying to be polite by helping myself to every food avaliable while at the same time not being hungry in the first place, only to come back after getting over the "overfed" feeling to eat more and feel overfed again... I really don't know why. It's like I'm only eating because it's habit, not because I'm at all hungry, and I make myself sick in the process.

Sheesh! Can't anyone tell me why I feel this way; why I am this way?? I don't want to be this way... and yet I am. ...I am so screwed.