Sunday, December 4

You've always been a tough girl
But you feel you're about to break
You're feeling stuck and out of luck
Watching your dreams all slip away
You've been working mornings in the kitchen
And nights at the corner store
As your life flies by you wonder why
And you know that there's gotta be something more

Hold on
But don't hold too tight
Let go- it's gonna be alright

Don't run away from what your heart is saying
Be strong
Face what you're afraid of
Come on
Show them what you're made of
I know its hard when your hope is gone
But you gotta keep holding on

You hear a voice thats calling
And its telling you to make a change
It's time to fly
And say goodbye
And move on to a better place

You know you gotta take the first step
To get where you wanna be
Just get on track and don't look back
Cause it's the only way you're gonna be free

Hold on
You're gonna make it
You're gonna be stronger
Hold on
Hang in there baby
Just a little bit longer
Hold on
There, you're gonna be fine
Don't give up
Be strong
When the going gets tough
You gotta
Hold on
Hold on