Sunday, April 30

stand by your freaking ron, man

I've put myself in a position where supposed rumors are constantly flying around me, plugging my eyes and ears and confusing me beyond all point of reason... I am so sick of being talked about. People, if you have a freaking problem with me, just tell it to my face- please don't spread it around the world first! So many things have happened recently that I am not afraid to take what you have to say- nothing can be too hard for me to take these days, and if it is, I'll at least listen to what you have to say and then leave before I freak out! I will listen to you, so talk to me. And if you have anything you're wondering about me, please don't be afraid to ask me about it, okay? I'm up for anything, anything to get away from everything that isn't true.

LOVE YOU, people, ...but sometimes... gar...