Sunday, August 20

crying my eyes out

...why doesn't it stop??

Thursday, August 17

my mouth hurts :P

I'm sorry people if I seem angry at you lately... I don't mean to, getting your wisdom teeth out sucks major balls; I really do love you all, like really a lot!! ...just so's ya know... I'm so sorry ppl <3 <3

Monday, August 7


Its finally happened. I've given up. My favorite vacation spot- I feel like I'm abandoning it... and all for.. what?? Well, for one, a week home alone without my family... but its like I've finally decided to take steps on my own to accomplish what I want, not what my parents want. But I'm giving up on my fondest passions just to gain a little of nothing, it seems. My Lake Powell, my sanctuary, is gone. And still the indecision haunts me daily, making me feel like nothing really has been gained at all.

Its lonely, this feeling of being so lost and undecided. I don't know how I feel about making my own way in the world anymore- taking my own path- in doing so, I will always be alone...