Friday, April 11


Well, I didn't get to say all that I wanted to say last time, but oh, well. Okay, Kristi was just talking to me and she is sad that dad doesn't trust her anymore.

I'm going to get my hair cut tomorrow. It is now just down to my elbows, I think, and I am going to get it cut up to my sholders. I hope that it's ok. I want to donate all of that extra hair to the Locks of Love Foundation for Cancer patients, but they aren't in the phone book and dad didn't want me to call the operater because it cost 75 cents every time that we called them. I just think, -well whoopdedo, who cares about 75 cents- but I wasn't about to tell him that. Oh, well.

In English we're reading the book The Diary of Anne Frank. In it Anne tells her heart's feelings to her journal, and in most of her entrees she says something about her mother and how she's so different from Anne's own personality. She also says that she doesn't even think of her mom as a mom. I think that that's sad. I am SO greatful that mom isn't that way. I love my mom just as she is.

In art we did this really cool project with warm and cool colors. I did a donkey with a fence in the background and the colors fading from light to dark. I think that they look pretty real. I don't think that I could have done them abstract or anything like that and still made it look ok. Oh, well.

In science I finally had an easy test!! I was so excited!! This was the first test that I have ever taken in Hyrnyshyn's that hasn't taken me at least two days in class to finish. Cool, huh? I also had that happen in History, too. It was super easy. I had at least 15 minutes to spare after I had finished. That was so cool to me.

In clothing Emily and I finally finished our boxer shorts. Emily was using this really stretchy material that was like it was from another world, but it was cool. I didn't really measure my waist before I threaded the elastic through, so my waistband is really huge. Oh, well. You know, it took us at least 2 days to get the hems and elastic casing done right. I think that that is kinda sad, but it was our first time trying to read the instructions sheets, plus Mrs. Gonzales was sick for 2 out of the last three days of our sewing. Well, at least we got something done, right?

In drama I think that we're actually going to be doing something fun!! We're working on characterising, so we get to pick a movie scene and do it with our own picked groups!! Casey Volks, Laurie, Rachel, and Bree are in my scene, and we're doing the one from Monty Python and The Holy Grail where they're at the French castle and the French are insulting them. I'm part of the French guy and Laurie's the other part. I'm not really sure who anyone else is, though.

In Drama Troupe yesterday we learned stage combat!! It was really cool and fun to learn. We learned a whole lot of punches and we also learned how to fall and not hurt ourselves. It was cool. Now every time we see each other Michael and I make up a fake fight and use some of the techniques. It is so fun! But, while we were learning the falls, we had to really use our leg muscles. Now I have a dead right upper leg, and I've had one since we were walking home from the Troupe. Sad, huh? Well, I think that I'll get over it fast, or at least I hope so.

Mom also took me birthday shopping and I got some more of the Left Behind Series, and I got 3 of the Song of the Lioness series. Cool, huh?

Well, I gotta go and find some info on where to donate my hair, so bye.

Tuesday, April 8


Well, there are 8 more days until my birthday. Cool, huh? Well, I think that I will be able to finish my shorts in clothing tomorrow because all Emily and I have to do is serge the hems and then hem the bottom and sew the casing and insert the elastic around the waist. Cool, huh? We went and got material for my bag today. I got something other than stars or the color blue - horses! I think that it looks pretty cool, and I hope that it looks cool as a bag.

Yesterday Kristi was burning cds, and I was like,"Hey, Kristi, there's an easier and faster way to burn them on this other program." So, I showed her, and we were picking the ones that we were going to burn when the computer crashed. How stupid, huh? I feel so bad now. After that she was looking at me the way that people look at you when they're really pissed off, but they're trying not to show it. It made me feel bad for the rest of the night.

Jeff came over last night, too. He stayed for FHE and we watched the DVD The Living Christ. I think that it was a pretty good lesson. I think that Jeff is pretty comfortable here, except when Teri and Marci beat on him. Oh, well. I think that he's cool. Oh, I was looking at Rachel Konishi's notebook yesterday and I saw a picture of KC and I thought that it was Jeff at first. Weird, huh?

Thursday, April 3


Ok, I have to tell this. Yesterday was one of our short days at school, and I had the same lunch as Matt, KC, and Emily, KC's friend you know. Well, after I finished eating, Emily K. and I went to the financial office and when we came back out, KC and Emily were there. Well, we went to the library and found Matt on the way. Emily and I checked our grades and KC and Emily sat at a table and were showing each other I don't know what. Matt went I don't where. Well, when we were done, I went and talked to Barker about my grade in his class, and after that Emily and I went back out into the hall where we met Michael and Danica Allen. She has been calling me "Captive" a lot lately and pulling me around. So I was trying to get away when Michael and Danica grabbed my backpack and I slipped out of it. I ran away and was trying to get in the library and go sit by KC, but they were blocking the door shut. So, I ran around the library to the other side and sat down by KC just as Michael walked through the library. They gave me my backpack back and I was sitting there and Mike and Emily and Matt all came over and were standing there. The librarian got mad at all of us standing there, so we went out into the hall. There we met Bree Halladay, and someone else, but I can't remember who. Oh, well. Anyways, Mike was trying to pull me to class but the bell hadn't even rung yet. So, I slipped out of my backpack again and started running down toward the library again when Matt stuck out his foot and tripped me! I went flying all the rest of the way to the library doors and was sitting there when like everybody in the hall came over and was like," are you ok?" and Matt was like,"I thought that you were going to jump it!" I feel so embarassed now. Oh, well. Then in 7th period Bree was like, " Matt was so mean at lunch! Stupid Matt!" That made me feel even worse because everyone was doing that during the show. There wasn't even a real reason for them to be saying that, and yet they were. I feel so bad.

Today we had our cast party. I had a lot of fun. We played "Lifeguard" and "Shipwreck." They were both new to me, but they were fun to play. At first when I go there, we were in the auditorium so that we could watch a slide show that Chase Brown made. It was cool. Then we had to move to Miss Arnold's room because she was doing the school talent show tryouts in the auditorium. I had already passed out my poster for everyone to sign in the aud., and I don't know who took it to Miss Arnold's room, but they didn't pass it around, so I was like freaking out because I couldn't see it. So, Bree and I went all the way back to the aud. looking for it. When we got back, it was sitting on the floor. Stupid, huh? Well, anyways, the first thing that we did when we were in there was that we were told what awards we had won in the show. I got the "Pencil Addict" Award because there was not a single scene that I didn't have my pencil except for scene changes. Cool, huh? Yeah, I had fun, plus I think that I got everyone to sign my poster except Anna because she was at track and Ester because she had a show. But that's ok.
In art we're doing a project called shared art. My picture had two people in it. We were supposed to color our original and then have someone in 1st period color a copy of it. Emily got mine, and she is making the people aliens. It looks really cool, even though that's not what I would have done. Oh, well.

I need to go to bed. I have been so tense lately, and I don't know why. Mom says she might take me to a professional massagger this weekend because my muscles are so tight. Well, gotta go.

Ok, this is wierd. I thought that all of my notes are in my Journal folder and it turns out that they're not. So all of my entrees are all messed up: just in case you'd like to know why.