Sunday, December 31

unforgettable presence

"I guess we wish it would all change and that it could go like it does in our head.

Sort of rehearsed but meaningful and deep.

And when her blue eyes are flashing across the table it would all be what the writers and picture shows says it is.


Like the moment never ends. And maybe it doesn't, but only if two people remember it and live in it, otherwise it's forgotten and no one cares except the poor miserable one who hangs onto the nothingness he doesn't know he has.

And the story is written differently, it won't follow my pen. I'm just an underpaid actor and a lousy one at that, who likes to rehearse his lines in monotone cadence that smells like burnt hair, and children laugh while their parents send mean looks to keep them quiet so as not to embarass the ass who goes home at night and cusses at himself on the inside for not seeing reality.

But if he saw reality then he might not put odd words together, or sad ones or happy ones, that don't seem to make sense, but somehow say more than anything that has spoken to them or at them and doesn't remember their name.

You think you know someone by their words, when you hear or read what they say. But I think you know someone more when in their presence you let them be and you listen in the silence to each other's being.

It is then you begin to know someone, when their glow is what makes you smile, it's what makes you say "I want more of that".

People like to call that peace, but people like to give names to things that don't need names.

No, it's more than peace. Peace is a state. What I'm talking about is a person's very essence. And it speaks louder than words.

Because who a person is can be heard in their silence.

You can hear a person's deepest thoughts if you are quiet enough and listen closely.

We see things never seen before in someone's presence.

You might even hear your self, but we often dismiss it as white noise.

If only we knew ourselves more, maybe there would be more friends in the world. Ones that let others be, not in leaving them alone or never saying they're wrong, but allowing them to be their being.

Presences do things..."

~Ross Gale~